"Toernooiboek WK Fries Dammen" After the first world championship in 2018, René Alderliesten created a beautiful publication containing all the draughts games played and details.

"Jelle Reitsma" is a memorial booklet to one of the greatest talents of Frisian draughts in the 1970s. Following his death in 2018, his family made an extraordinary donation to the first Frisian draughts world championship.

"Jurjen Tolsma", written by Marten Walinga, self-published October 2017. A study of the first page of the original notebook of renowned draughts player and chess player Jurjen Tolsma.

"How to win in FRYSK!" is a small publication that covers few special facets of the endgame, the margin between win, lose and draw is razor thin. Marten Walinga, 2016.

"The Tytsmazet" is a small publication about the most infamous capture move in Frisian draughts. This opening combination was discovered in the 1940s by Piet Tytsma. The capture theme of the classic Tytsma move is further developed and leads to dizzying combinations. Marten Walinga, 2014.

"Openingstheorie van het Friese Damspel" was written by Folkert Groenveld in 2001. In this reference work, the most commonly used openings up to that time and its name are described.

"Lytsguod Frysk Spul" This booklet contains 432 draughts problems created by Roel Bergsma in the 1980s. Roel Bergsma was a problemist par excellence, created and edited hundreds of draughts problems in several publications. Roel Bergsma, 1984.

"Fries dammen Opening 32-27 en eindspelen" A small edition of one specific opening and endgames. Contains game fragments from the 1930s and 1940s. Written by Steven de Boer from Ferwerd in the 1970s.

"Friesch dammen" Written by multiple champion Jurjen Tolsma from Sint Jacobiparochie. Published in August 1937.

"Het Friesche damspel" Written by multiple champion Wytze Ennema from Franeker. Published in April 1937.