Stifting WFD
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WFD Headquarters – Secretary
Liuwe H. Westra
Waaksenserwei 2
8823 SX Lollum, Netherlands
Tel: +31 6 3083 7586

WFD – Chairman
Marten Walinga
+31 6 3456 1133

WFD – Treasurer
Frederik Bos
+31 6 4685 2565

WFD – Development
Jouke Algra
+31 6 1206 9391

WFD – Representative at the World Draughts Federation FMJD
Siep Buurke
+31 6 1417 2563

WFD Foundation

Vision for the Future 2025

The WFD Foundation considers Frisian Draughts, loosely quoting Anatoli Gantvarg, as ‘the queen of all draughts games’. The Foundation’s aim is to introduce all serious players of mind sports to Frisian Draughts by 2025.World Championship

By 2025, the Frisian Draughts World Championship must have developed into an annual event. In the run-up to each World Championship, every country in which one or more versions of draughts are popular must also organise national tournaments following the Frisian rules. Draughts can then be played following the traditional Frisian rules (‘fol boerd’), or following the rules of the new version FRYSK!

Tools to be developed:

  • a comprehensive manual of the openings, midgames and endgames in several languages
  • a series of written courses in levels of increasing difficulty, from beginners to experienced national and international players
  • an interactive teaching app for computer, tablet or smartphone (or similar media that are yet to be developed)
  • applications on the website, including
  • an up-to-date list of all players
  • an app for individuals to learn, practise and play
  • an up-to-date list of individual and tournament results
  • announcements and management of matches
  • a ranking list of players and teams
  • an application enabling a game on a traditional board to be saved and archived
  • a website or other medium making all the historical and contemporary details on the relationship between Frisian Draughts and other versions of draughts available


The aim of the WFD Foundation is to turn Frisian Draughts into a sport that is played internationally – by professional players, by amateurs at regional and national levels in various countries, and by anyone in the world who loves challenging strategic board games.


In Fryslân, all schools, both primary and secondary schools, must include Frisian Draughts as a permanent part of the cultural subjects package, and a network must be developed whereby schools can play against each other in annual Frisian Draughts leagues.