Apps, the best way to learn the game

There are many apps to play draughts against. The best learning method to learn Frisian draughts quickly is to first discover the rules of the game yourself. The best way to do this is on the app FRYSK.
Install this app and play against the computer or use the app as a draughts board between two players.
After a few games you will discover the rules of the game. Using the game form FRYSK keeps the game and the discovery of the game rules clear.

Frisian Draughts
When you are used to the game rules, you can switch to classic Frisian draughts, for which the app Frisian draughts is very suitable.

One step further is the app Lidraughts, here the possibilities are endless. Play online, analyse games, play tournaments every day, etc.
When you register your name on Lidraughts, do so immediately with your first name and surname, this way you can become a member of the WFD team on Lidraughts and can participate in the official tournaments.