Press Release 22 August 2021

Folkert Groenveld wins the final game as well

With a victory in the final game of the Walinga-Groenveld World Championships match, Groenveld was able to finish with a more bearable final match score. It was a convincing win for Groenveld in the match played on Sunday. Walinga played a tactically weak 15th move. This gave Groenveld the advantage which he was able to hold on from there. Walinga’s 17th and 20th moves were also weak. Groenveld won a piece with a combination on his 20th move. He managed to win another piece with his 28th move after which Walinga resigned on his 32nd move. The final match result is 7½-3½. It was a little too late for Groenveld, as he played the last two games really well. If the match had been over 20 games, which had been Groenveld’s preference, his chances of winning might have been better. The Burgomaster of Harlingen, Ms Ina Sjerps, presented the beautiful Championships plate to the World Champion, Marten Walinga. She mentioned that after the Frisian Draughts match Harlingen is the capital of the Frisian Draughts game. Despite the gap in points, both players have displayed the beauty of Frisian Draughts. The decision rate is high. Only one game in this match resulted in a draw. Afterwards Jean Marc Ndjofang, Cameroonian board member of FMJD, the international draughts association, mentioned that Frisian Draughts has a promising future within the association.

Jelle Wiersma and Frederik Bos win the online tournaments

Jelle Wiersma has won the online FRYSK! Tournament. He beat his opponent, Ilfat Karimov, three times as well as drawing three times on Sunday. They had 45 minutes to play the whole match. Frederik Bos won the Classical Frisian Draughts game by beating 13 year old Zhuoyuan Du from Shanghai 4-2. They also had 45 minutes. During the finals on Sunday the time per game was 2 minutes (4s per move) and 4 minutes (4s per move) respectively. Both winners of the online tournaments automatically qualified for the next Frisian Open Tournament and World Championships FRYSK!, due to be held in the spring of 2022.