Press Release 10 August 2021

Sheep were no king maker

Preliminary match for the Frisian Draughts world title Walinga Groenveld

10-22 August 2021: WC match Frisian Draughts 2021

At the official opening of the Match for the second Frisian Draughts world title, Marten Walinga drew white against Folkert Groenveld. The first game is Walinga-Groenveld. In a light-hearted way, the WFD secretary, Liuwe Westra, drew lots using envelopes, paper which needed numbers written on and 50 bingo numbers.

Afterwards a taster for the match was held at Het Brouwdok.

On a board made from wooden pallets and measuring 90 by 125cm, the players played a game using five white plastic sheep (with disconcerting facial expressions) against five colourful plastic ponies.

This FRYSK! Game was convincingly won by Folkert Groenveld, who peerlessly guided his ponies across the pallets, which meant the poor sheep had no chance to be a king maker.

Walinga opened with 46-41, after which he maneuvered his first sheep to the centre. His opponent was better able to survey the whole field. Groenveld made a king which he was able to crown by adding another pony. Thereafter, with both ponies, he took the long road to take the king from one side of the board to the other. A good start for Folkert Groenveld which will give him confidence for the match.

FRYSK! is a game of five against five, which, surprisingly, often provides a winner.
Grandmaster Hans Jansen will provide commentary during the first five games via the livestream available on the LIVE page at the Stifting WFD website as well as via the draughtsgaming platform