Online tournaments 11 to 22 August

There will be four online tournaments, both for each Frisian Draughts variant (both Classic and FRYSK!) from 11 to 14 August, ending in semifinals for the best 12 players, on 15 August. From 17 to 20 August there will be another four online tournaments for each variant, ending in semifinals again on 21 August. The two winners of the semifinals will play a finals game on Sunday 22 August.

All draughts players around the world can participate in one or more tournaments in this series. The only thing you need is a valid account on the Lidraughts website ( We strongly recommend, however, to take a special ‘WFD team’ account: In future, it will only be possible to participate in official WFD tournaments and games with such an account.

The playing time in the FRYSK! tournaments will be 1 minute with 2 seconds for each move (Fischer system); for Frisian Classic tournaments, it will be 2 minutes with 2 seconds for each move. In the finals, it will be 2 minutes with 4 seconds and 4 minutes with 4 seconds, respectively.

The finalists will receive a password to participate in the semifinals. The winner of the first semifinals cannot participate in the second semifinals.

In each of the four semifinals, there is prize money of €400 (winner €100, descending down to €5 for last place). In both finals there is prize money of €200 (winner €120, runner up €80). Moreover, the winners of the finals will receive a free ticket to the next Fryslân Open Tournament (Classic) and for the next FRYSK! World Championships, both planned for the Spring of 2022.

Prize money is only payable either into a bank account in euros within the Single Euro Payments Area (SEPA), or on a paypal account, or in person at a later date. Payments by way of an intermediary are at the receiver’s risk.

The winners’ names will be published on the WFD Foundation website.

Links to the tournaments

11 August FRYSK! - 11 August Classic

12 August FRYSK! - 12 August Classic

13 August FRYSK! - 13 August Classic

14 August FRYSK! - 14 August Classic

17 August FRYSK! - 17 August Classic

18 August FRYSK! - 18 August Classic

19 August FRYSK! - 19 August Classic

20 August FRYSK! - 20 August Classic


15 August first FRYSK! semifinals

15 August first Frisian Classic semifinals

21 August second FRYSK! semifinals

21 August second Frisian Classic semifinals


22 August FRYSK! finals

22 August Frisian Classic finals